Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Last Month and a Half…

...has not been easy.

One Monday I got laid off from the "ridiculous job"--the one that paid less than I made 31 years ago. They couldn't afford the "administrative overhead." Kind of scary considering how little it paid and how few hours I worked. But I miss it. I was getting good Dreamweaver experience, but probably more important was that it provided some structure to my Life in Limbo. A place a went a couple hours a day and saw the same people.

The next Monday, (April 5th) I ha
d to put Eddie-Small-Devil-Kitty to sleep. Out of the blue, on Easter Sunday, he went into acute kidney failure. The vets said there was no hope and the kindest thing to do was to not prolong his suffering. I'm the one suffering now. He was my constant furry companion for 14 years—the longest I've lived with "anyone" as an adult. Sometimes in these last 2 years of endless financial struggle, he was the only one, only thing that made me smile or laugh on any given day.

Well, there's the guy that I've been seeing for the past year and some months who brings a lot of joy and fun to my life, albeit only once a week and the occasional weekend getaway. And there's my most wonderful writing group who have become my friends over the course of meeting weekly for the past couple of years.

So if you don't want to buy my loft (see a couple posts ago), you can always buy some wonderful vintage thing you can't do without on Ebay or Etsy. My wonderful mom gave me a bunch of her 1950s tablecloths, most of which I sold on Ebay but have a few on Etsy, and that's what paid part of the mortgage this month.

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