Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wanna Buy a Loft?

So much for good intentions. Apparently I'm not much of a blogger--or even a reader of blogs. My neighbor often asks me, "Did you read my blog today?"--as if this is something I do on a regular basis. I don't. I usually just say, "No," but what I'm thinking is a little more lengthy: You've never read a thing I've written to my knowledge--though I've read some of your stuff--and seem generally uninterested in my writing, so why am I going to read your blog? And anyway, we run into each other and chat nearly every day so I don't need to read it, do I?

At any rate, I've been busy selling of all my possessions--and
my neighbor, Kathie's (not the neighbor of the first paragraph) stuff too--on eBay since my loft is for sale, and I'm under the "unclutter" directive. (My seller name is Mnwritergal if you have a burning desire to buy things.)

Yeah, that's the point of this blog entry. Do ya wanna buy a loft? If so, go to the EDOSpaces website.
Mine is the one on Tijeras Ave, Unit 412. (And no, I do not want to sell it myself rather than paying Tim's comission. I'm always mystified that everyone thinks that you--that's the general "you"--should be up for and able to do absolutely anything, whether you know a thing about it or not. Kind of like how in ABQ and editing job pays $8.50 an hour at the University of New Mexico and only requires a GED. And I got a BA and MFA...why? And what message is UNM sending about education? Something like: Come pay a fortune for an education that you don't need because even we only pay starvation wages and don't give a flying fuck about education. I should not be surprised. New Mexico is the fourth LEAST educated state in the nation, though you'd think at least the educators would value education. Guess not.)

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Sue said...

Ellen - yes, I occasionally read your blog (after stumbling across one of your ebay auctions) - thank goodness you are here. Right now, I feel like my brain will turn to mush if I have to dig through some computer files for a minute longer.

I identify with the little "value of education" rant after talking to my daughter about her job search in Colombia MO.

Did you sell the loft?
Still in Albuquerque?
How is Eddie?