Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Writing Online--in no particular order:

Nonfiction Nightmares, a personal essay published in Rattle.

Family Stories, a memoir piece published in Branches Quarterly and anthologized in Best of Branches 2003.

Summer of Corn, a memoir piece published in Whistling Shade.

The Lord of Lutefisk, an interview Rox and I did with Mike Fields of Mike's Lutefisk that was originally published in Minnesota Monthly, but now resides on Dislocate--The University of Minnesota's lit journal published by the creative writing MFAers.

Driving through Minnesota, a poem published in White Crow.

The Weight of the World on my Body, Spinning, and The Flow of Blood and Words published in Proseax.

Of course there are about a zillion theater reviews that Rox and I (The 2-Jew Review) have done over the years on Aislesay. And Fringe Fest starts in 2 days and we will be blogging on The Fringe Flog.

VFW, creative nonfiction published by The Rambler. (Not online, see above)

Captives, a memoir piece in Spout. (Not online, see above)

And let's see, there was the infamous chicken book review (still have the book) Rox and I did for a now defunct mag; a poem called Loring Park that was in a very cool (defunct) mag; some upcoming stuff; a piece that may or not have been published (Passing Through) that I never saw a copy of; The Defintion of Normal (in another long gone lit journal), and things I've probably forgotten about.

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Anonymous said...

I sell on ebay, I write, I smoke like a chimney, and my cat died so I'm thinking of getting two.
You're on my favorite sellers list even though I don't like any of your junque. One day you'll have something I want! Then again, maybe that insomnia book...:)
You're a hoot!